Monday, July 24, 2006


Net neutrality was shot down today. I dont know what to say about this. Its sad. Its disappointing. Its a less than encouraging indication of things to come.

In the meantime, and this gets me right here (animatedly gesturing, in fact pounding, my heart- or rather the chest cavity that encases it), house republicans are seeking to ONCE AGAIN slash funding to my two favorite things in the whole wide world: NPR and PBS. Today's story is here

Im pissed off. I feel like someone in a mask with an evil grin painted on it (if youve ever seen Tim Robbins play, Embedded [another one of my favorite things], then picture the commedia dellarte masks he used for the administration in that) has just busted into my house and taken my favorite stuffed rabbit (who, like all good imaginary friends, was also capable of telling me a lot of interesting and educational things).

Im going to sit in the corner and scream now. Then Ill find out what I can actually do thats productive and pass it along.

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