Monday, July 24, 2006


Today, my roommate Ray and I are taking a road trip to North Carolina to visit the wonderful Laura Laurinha. For those of you who dont know, Laura and I grew up together in Iowa. Shes got a couple years on me so we werent particularly close back home until we one day found ourselves having a conversation that went something like this:

(Standing cart by cart in the aisle of our local market in 1999.)
Hey. How are you?
Good. Yourself?
Pretty good. Want to move to Italy?
Cool. See you at checkout.

Ok- the conversation didnt actually take place in a market, but you get the point.

Anyway, she is in North Carolina working at a law firm for the summer, having just finished her second year of law school, and today she went before a judge for the first time ever.

So we are going down to celebrate and while I am there I will be on technological respite, so no phone, internet, etc. until Tuesday.

Enjoy the silence.

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