Monday, July 31, 2006

just another manic monday

This renovation we are undergoing here at BBDO is no joke.
For the next two weeks, we'll be looking like this:

So I had plans for this past weekend- nothing I shouldn't have been able to accomplish.
My list- I can't live without my lists- included:

-unpack laundry
-clean bedroom/bathroom
-waive health fee (school)
-pick fifth class
-file paperwork
-pay bills

Currently, there is a bag full of clean laundry by my bed; a bed that has paperwork strewn over it; paperwork that hides my school fall course catalogue; a catalogue in which the form to waive my school health fee sits, untouched.
The only thing on my list that I managed to accomplish this weekend was paying my bills.
I guess that means I'm a partially responsible person.

Just because I didn't finish the tasks on my to-do list doesn't mean I wasn't busy, though.
I got a lot done, as a matter of fact.
I slept, for instance.
That may not seem like much but it's actually a major accomplishment for me.
I usually can't sleep past 8am, but I managed to sleep in until noon both Saturday and Sunday.

I also went out for an amazing dinner with an old friend Friday night, met another old friend after dinner, started reading my first fiction book in ages on Saturday, spent the afternoon looking at rugs with a friend in my favorite NYC store- ABC Carpet & Home, had another amazing dinner Saturday night, then went to see the sold-out Bloc Party concert at McCarren Park Pool, and recorded in a studio on Sunday, so it wasn't a completely wasted weekend.

Below are pics and video from the Bloc Party concert.
The concert was fun but not quite as good as I'd hoped.
Then again, it could have been the heat- it was like watching a band play in a bathhouse.
And I ate too much guacamole beforehand....

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