Monday, July 24, 2006

is it sat.?

i lose track of days, but yes, i think it's sat.

so i went to a burlesque show last night.
it was great. the girls were fun and the crowd watching was surprisingly less brooklyn than i expected (this may be a distinction comprehended only by new yorkers. there is a certain 'cool' about brooklyn that says at once, 'i don't subscribe to the mainstream because i'm an uber-hip outsider who cares about nothing,' and 'please look at me. i spent a couple hours separating the razor sheered edges of my expensive, piecy haircut and another couple hours cutting up this shirt up so i could layer it with my other cut up shirts so i could look cool (ie-mainstream) and fit in with everybody else."

it sounds like i have something against brooklyn but really i don't.
i actually love brooklyn.
all the crazy artists are out there, many of my closest friends among them.
in fact, i'm headed back out there today for some afternoon delight.
wait- wrong euphemism.
i'm actually just going to hang out with an actor friend, a children's educational therapist friend, and some other people i have yet to meet.

but back to the burlesque show: it was very fun (i have video that i will post on monday. the cord to download it from my camera isn't here).

being there reminded me of a time when Stacey, Tanny, and i threw our little party over a year ago.
shit! no- it was two years ago!
time is such a freaky thing.

my friend salina had a baby last year, little xavier, and he is about to have his first birthday (happy birthday!!).
i can't believe it.
it feels like he was born yesterday.

and on that note, ladies- what's up with all the motha f-in marriages an' babies an' shit?!!

seriously, youz makin' the rest of us feel old, my nizzle!

but you know i love youz and i'z very happy fo' youz.
to anyone who sees or speaks to terrien, please send him my congrats.
i don't have his digits.
*this is addressed to my iowa readership, which i assume is my only readership.

K- in memory of that lovely party Stacey, Tanny and I threw ages ago, i'm posting the old flyer until footage from last nights dalliances is available.

have a good weekend!

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