Monday, July 24, 2006


Its that time of year and film festivals everywhere are in full swing.
First, the short You & I is at Cannes this week (Im the only one who stayed behind. What was I thinking?).

Second, Peter Matkiwskys feature, The Bonnie Situation, was screened this past Saturday at the New Jersey International Film Festival. I dont know if it took home any prizes because I didnt make it but Ill keep you posted.
Anyhow, here is my scene as Blind Date Number 2. Sorry about the shitty quality of it.
The synopsis of the film, which is a classic sophomoric comedy, is pasted below to give you some context for the scene.
Be warned, there is a little skin shown but it doesnt get too racy so you dont have to feel awkward if you still remember me as the little girl who paddled in the kiddie pool back in 1983.

The Bonnie Situation
Peter had the perfect life. Until he returned home from California to discover that his high school sweetheart had moved out. With nowhere to turn Peter heads home to find comfort in the friends he left behind. He is thrust into the dating scene and to no avail remains broken hearted. Fearing that Peter might attempt to get his ex back his friends take matters into there own hands and begin to plan her demise. But all hope is not lost, as it appears that the answer to his problems might have been in front of his face the entire time. Peter meets Bonnie a local bartender. All appears well until Peter discovers Bonnie hasnt been truthful about her identity. Can Peter overlook Bonnies fabrication of the truth before his friends make a grave mistake? Only time will tell in this twisted romantic comedy that reminds us when it comes to love, logic need not apply.

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