Monday, July 24, 2006


A late night/early morning migraine will force you to try and move your mind to many obscure places in order to take attention away from the pain swelling in your head. It happened to me this morning, and the obscure places my mind wandered were: madonnas crucifixion on a glittery, mirrored, neon cross for her latest tour, the protests taking place worldwide over the da vinci code, and creationism.
I am not a creationist. I believe in billion-year existence, primordial soup, and an ancestral link to Lucy. That being said, there are certain things about evolution I dont get.
The male nipple, for instance. Why? What advantageous function does this body part serve? Im not saying I dont like the male nipple. Hell, Id slap two, maybe three sets on each guy if I had my way, but why does it exist? For what purpose in the evolutionary sense?
Rick, I fully anticipate you to chime in here. Dont disappoint me.

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