Monday, July 24, 2006

death and taxes

death and taxes

there are some things- death and taxes, they say- of which you can be certain in life. tragically, the one thing missing from that list, the one last inevitability, happened to me yesterday: if you have a new bike in new york, it will be stolen- especially if you live on avenue c. last night, when walking back to my apartment, i cast a routine glance toward the bike rack and got the same feeling you get when driving significantly over the speed limit and get pulled over; "shit" you think, but somehow you knew it was going to happen- you were just waiting to see how long you could get away with it for. similarly, i felt like i was living on borrowed time with that bike, so i am not too torn up about it but it had become my buddy and it will be sorely missed.

Alexis's Bike
April-May, 2006

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