Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Long Way Home - Teaser 2

The second teaser for The Long Way Home, a documentary about my father, the photographer John Stember.

While the first teaser was largely my attempt to enter into the experience and perspective of my father, it was impossible to ignore that despite the film being about my father, it was being told from the perspective of his daughter, aka me. It is from my perspective then, that I share this teaser.

To give a little background, I should mention that I set out to make this film for entirely selfish reasons. I was in pain after a difficult year and hoped that in making a film about my father- in coming to terms with him and his journey- I might come to better understand myself and my own. The result of that pursuit is what's being worked into the feature-length documentary, The Long Way Home.

Both this and the first teaser are comprised of personal footage taken not for the film itself, but for keepsake purposes, with my Pentax K7 dSLR. The actual film is currently in post but updates and the official teaser are to follow, along with an inevitable request for your help and support.

Thanks for staying tuned.

Music: Tahiti by Bat for Lashes

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