Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flash Test

I'm playing with a new toy, the Sigma DP1 compact camera. This is a flash test. I got my Canon 580EX to work on the hotshoe of the DP1 by putting tape over all pins in the hotshoe except for the center pin. Then I post-processed the result (added grain, vignetting and saturation). There's much to learn but it's a fun experiment so no complaints here. Will I be writing about the DP1 anytime soon for my column? There's a good chance a prosumer compact showdown (Lumix LX3 vs. Sigma DP1 vs. Canon G10) is in the works....



cole said...

sigma dp2.

Alexis Stember said...

oh i know! it's killing me that the release date seems to be getting pushed because it's supposed to be available at the end of this month but there's radio silence from sigma at the moment and it was A YEAR from the time the dp1 was supposed to be released until the time it actually was released. i can't wait to pick up the dp2 once it goes on sale, though. 44mm equiv, f/ 2.8 and 3200 iso? COUNT ME IN!!!

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