Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Can't Think of a Title

It’s eight minutes until 9am on a rainy Thursday in New York City. A mother next to me in the Roots and Vines coffee shop feeds her baby crumbs off her plate, memories of a morning scone. Her husband makes playful faces at the tot, sporadically hitting his shaved head with the open palm of his hand. The sound of grinders and steamers coalesce with the gravely vocals of Lucinda Williams, who sings about dirt wheels on a gravel road on the radio. I am preparing a production calendar for a job that got awarded yesterday; I’m simultaneously sending emails to make sure I have all the information needed to ship a different job that I’ll be mixing at a studio downtown in an hour. Life is good, work is satisfying and my soy latte is hot.

I went to a birthday dinner for my friend, writer/politico Ari Berman, last night. I grew up in Iowa with him and most of his dinner guests. I repeat myself often in these blog posts but I can’t overstate how wonderful it is to have so many hometown friends here in the city. It’s one of the many reasons I can’t see myself moving anytime soon.

Today is the 125th Anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. There are lots of celebrations in the next few days that I hope to go to. That’s one of the beauties of New York in the summer; every night is a celebration of some sort.

Tomorrow is Bob Dylan’s birthday. That’s certainly worth celebrating. On Saturday, a band I’m not particularly familiar with, but who grew up with a good friend of mine, is playing at Galapagos in Brooklyn, 10pm. The band’s name is Omega Love and being the grassroots campaigner for the support of friends and friends of friends, I recommend going. To hear a sample of their sound, visit their Myspace page.

I will be backing Crystal at another Rockwood Music Hall show on June 8. More on that to come.

Below are some things I’ve discovered, or rediscovered, in the last couple days that I really like.
-The Deluxe reissue of Otis Redding’s Otis Blue (Thank you, J)
-iConcertCal: amazing program that tracks concerts based on the bands in your iTunes (
-He Man Woman Haters: A friend’s website, where I learned about iConcertCal (
-The close-ups of hands and body parts in Godard’s “A Married Woman”
-Brooklyn Bridge 125th Anniversary Events (
-Twitter: Apparently everyone knew about this but me (

Happy pre-Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend.

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