Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Honest Abe on Obama

I went to the Official Generation Obama Primary Returns Party tonight, where I chatted with the Scott Family (Kirsten, in her 20's, Christopher, in his 30's and Lawrence, in his 60's) and Abe, a 25-year-old stranger who was kind enough to answer my questions on the night of the March 4 primaries.
I had no time to edit any of this and did scream a bit into the mic, which unfortunately happens when I have a couple drinks.
Note to self: Don't drink and interview.

Tonight, I post Abe's interview.
Tomorrow, the Scott Family.

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Unknown said...

Hey Alexis! It's "Honest Abe" here. I saw your post with your interview of me that day at the OH/TX primary watching party. On my own previous post (2/5) http://frogbulletin.blogspot.com/2008/02/obama-vs-clinton-damnit-democrats.html on frogbulletin.blogspot.com I mentioned and linked to your website. Hope you're well, nice music you've got going on!

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