Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brooke Waggoner is So-So In for Spring

it's march 20, which means today is the first day of spring!
happy spring!
spring, spring, spring!
i thought to celebrate with a song. as i mentioned earlier, i am a fan of brooke waggoner's- lately, a big fan- so i wanted to post another song of hers called 'so-so'. watching her perform a few weeks ago made such a deep impression that i've become intent on learning to play the piano properly. it may take me 30 years but one day i swear i'll know what i'm doing on those black and ivory keys. in the meantime, i'll be enjoying the piano via this red-headed girl from tennessee.
p.s. this song is not piano heavy but it was the only song off her new album that i could find on youtube. a worse recording, but more indicative of her piano playing talent, can be found in the video for 'wonderdummied' below:

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