Thursday, February 15, 2007

american museum of natural history winter gala

So Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to go to the American Museum of Natural History Winter Dance, thanks to Moby who invited a group of friends to sit at his table near a huge suspended canoe (a Haida, I believe). The tables, the hall, the canoe, were all pretty impressive, or so I thought until after dinner, when we walked into the main hall to dance and drink under the 94-foot blue whale that originally captivated me as a child (I was particularly fascinated by the straight, orderly grooves on the underbelly of the fiberglass replica. Those were the kinds of things I noticed as a seven-year-old. I was always a bit of an odd one.)
9 years later, I find myself marveling the elephant seal, which is quite possibly the most ugly, and thereby (somehow) most beautiful item in the room. I loved it.

Of course, people weren't really there to ogle nifty elephant seal exhibits; people were there to be exhibits. The social glitterati abounded, and predictably, I didn't know who any of them were. It was only the multiple camera flashes that gave peoples identities away. It wasn't until I got caught in a light storm at one point that I realized I was dancing with jewelry designer/socialite Zani Gugelman, for example, who, by the way, looked amazing in a long white dress. (I should be a fashion writer, no? Long white dress? I've always been praised for my elaborate descriptions.)

So that goes to show my level of social sophistication.
The equation goes something like this:
Cameras+Pretty Girl=Someone I Should Know the Name of, or at least pretend to.
Should you find yourself in this position, I now recommend that you tip your hat in feigned familiarity ("Ages, darling! How on earth are you? I didn't know you'd returned from St. Moritz already. You look fantastic!"), smile, and make nice.

You've just graduated from Alexis Stember's Finishing School.
Now go out and be Fabulous!

(i didn't bring my camera so i've scoured the net, and mo's camera, for pictures. above is all i got.)

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