Wednesday, January 31, 2007

oh no darling, not the aubusson...

My mom arrives tonight to hang the infamous curtains I spoke of in Sewing Lessons. She is staying for a whole glorious week, each day of which is planned down to the minute. The moments between eating, drinking and socializing will be filled by her main objective– to get my apartment into a state of divine fabulousness.
As much fabulousness as befits a tiny apartment anyway.

Having my mom help overhaul my apartment is a little like having the interior designer of my dreams, the one I've followed for 26 years and have almost never aesthetically disagreed with, come to personalize my space in a way I am guarenteed to love.

Had she not been a model or a mother, I believe she still would have dominated magazine pages as an acclaimed designer of everything from interiors to handbags. It may still happen but for now, she is happy to focus her talents on little ol' me, lucky, lucky girl that I am.

Here's the Before picture of one of the two walls of windows to be dressed.
Soon to come: the After.

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