Monday, August 21, 2006

toast of the town

i know the reason most of you read my blog is because it is so incredibly enlightening.
with that in mind, i thought i would share one of my most profound and prolific entries to date:

How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich With an Iron

Is your stovetop broken? Have you just moved, and don't have your own frying pan yet? Or are you just looking for an alternative way to make a grilled cheese sandwich? Here's how to make your next lunch with an iron...


  1. Turn on your clothes iron. Set it to its highest setting (Linen or Cotton).
  2. Take 2 or 3 slices of bread and butter the outsides. Place slices of cheese between them.
  3. Take a piece of aluminum foil, roughly twice the size of the sandwich. With the foil shiny-side-up on the counter or stovetop, place the sandwich on the foil and fold it over to cover it completely.
  4. Set the hot iron flat on the foil-wrapped sandwich. This doesn't hurt the iron at all. Let it sit on the foil for about 30 seconds, then peek inside the foil to see if it's toasted. It will burn quickly.
  5. Flip the foil packet over, repeating Step 4.
  6. Open the foil, and flip the sandwich onto a plate. You can keep and reuse the foil several times. All you have to wash is a knife and a plate, and it takes less electricity than an electric stovetop with a frying pan.


  • Don't put too much cheese in the sandwich, or it will melt out the sides and the bread will get stuck to the foil. Or you can use the new non-stick foil with no problem.
  • You can do this safely on your kitchen counter, but a clear spot on the top of the stove is safer.
  • Make sure the "steam" setting is off before you start.
  • This same technique can be used to make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Just add the ham to the sandwich as well as cheese. Regular lunchmeat style deli ham works fine.
  • In the movie Benny and Joon, Benny makes grilled-cheese sandwiches with an iron. Watch the movie for some techniques!


  • Always be careful when working with a hot iron. You may burn yourself, burn something around you, or even start a fire. Be cautious!
  • Don't forget that the foil will also be hot so use care while opening the foil pouch.

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