Thursday, August 17, 2006

snakes on a gnarls union got caught out there

Ok- now that i've sufficiently depressed you all, it's time for some fun.

The union screening last night was great.
The movie was longer than anyone anticipated, clocking in at 40 minutes, but my dear and fabulous date/roommate crystal said she was genuinely engaged the whole time (it's a mystery/thriller).
The best part, though? She has now seen me butt necked.
Thats right- I stripped down past my skivvies for this one, and it was fucking awesome!
Like many things in my life, I wanted to know I could do it- and now I do.

Note to self- if you blog about your past, youll probably get caught in the act by someone whos a part of it, like I did today.
The ex-boyfriend I wrote about a couple blogs back who lived in Italy just emailed me.
Its been a while since we've spoken but he found me on-line (good timing :P) and is now a reader.
Anyhow, he contends that the mean emails did not go on as long as four years.
In fairness, I thought his point should be made.
Regardless, were both laughing about it now.

In a matter of minutes, I will be departing from the florescent shower of BBDO for the fresh air and mixed masses of people that will be descending upon Central Park tonight for the Gnarls Barkley concert.

Am I excited?
Fuck yeah!

Will I take pictures?
You can bet your sweet ass I will.

Will I get crazy?
If Gnarls tells me to, I have no choice.

Apparently, the boys really do have intentions of getting crazy tonight, given their request for magnum condoms in their trailer.

As a last note, I had to share this.
I just think its funny.

Countdown: 1 Day to Snakes on a Plane!
Here it is. The day is nearly upon us. Snakes on a Plane opens in wide release tomorrow morning. At this time tomorrow, you'll have no excuse for sitting at that desk filing papers like a schmuck. How can you sit there doing that boring work when there are motherf***ing snakes on a motherf***plane?

And if you really can't till tomorrow, you may even be able to catch a midnight screening tonight. (Check your local SoaP resource center for details).

And if you've really got snake venum flowing through your veins, you may even want to stake yourself out in front of a theater offering special audience participation screenings tonight. Kinda like The Rocky Horror Snakes on a Picture Show. (Here's a list of participating theaters.)

People all over the world have been adding their suggested screams, yells and chants. Here's just a few of our favorites...

When: Whenever anyone orders a drink on the plane
What: Scream out, "Lets get legless!!"

When: When the snakes are still in their cages.
What: Demand their release by calling out: "Free the Snakes!" "Let my Python Go!" "Cages are for Criminals. They've done nothing wrong!" While doing this, take the rubber snakes you have with you and shake them at the screen.

When: Anyone's line ends with "snakes."
What: Call out, "Motherf***ing snakes!"

When: Sam Jackson says the famous line, "I've had it with these motherf***ing snakes on this motherf***ing plane!"
What: Shout, "Get 'em Sam!" and break into wild applause

When: Couple decides to join the "mile high club."
What: Shout: "Show me your snake!" Then hold your rubber snakes aloft for a few seconds for people to see.

When: After Sam Jackson yells at anyone on the plane.
What: Shout: "Bitch!" for added emphasis.

When: Anyone removes any article of clothing, jacket, hat, whatever.
What: Scream, "Let's get snaked!"

When: As plane rolls to a stop.
What: Walk to the screen, turn around and hold up your limo signs above your head (so the light from the projector lights them

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