Sunday, August 13, 2006

marriage doesn't suck

I was on camera for a couple hours today going over my entire life's history and I've bored myself with my own thoughts and experiences so I am going to talk about my fantastic new friends, Sage and Hella.

I met Sage and Hella a couple weeks ago playing games at a friend's apartment.
One of the first things I learned was that they had just bought a rammed earth house in New Mexico that was completely off the grid.
This caught my attention because sustainable housing has always been a big topic of conversation in my family; blueprints for the self-sufficient straw-bale house my parents designed and hope to one day build sit somewhere in their current San Diego home.

The other thing that caught my attention- beyond the fact that they were a young, attractive couple- was that they were also married.
I look at married people the way geeks look at popular kids in high school- with a certain amount of envy and bewilderment.
How do they do it?
The great thing about Sage and Hella is, they'll tell you.

Their website, Marriage Doesn't Suck, details in blogs, podcasts, videos, music, and photographs, two people exploring and changing the world through art, adventure, fun, politics, humor, philosophy, and above all, relationship.

This is a pleasure for those of us standing by slack-jawed, still trying to work the whole 'relationship' thing out.

You can sign up for their podcast on the Marriage Doesn't Suck homepage.

They also have individual blogs:
Sage's That Guy Blog and
Hella's Fabulous Babe Blog.

Feel the love.

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