Tuesday, August 29, 2006

is brittany the new michael?

Sometimes when work is incredibly slow, or when I'm incredibly bored, or when I'm trying to procrastinate, or when I'm hungry, or when my nail beds start to itch, I like to do some quality reading.

Today's subject? My friend Brittany Spears (Nay-Nay to those of us in the sanctimonious circle of Britt fellows. I kid. We really call her Hooch).
My lovely Britt is with child and has decided to throw a baby shower.
On her gift registry is a $1200 chandelier for her unborns room.

I'm not sure but I think a reality check might be in order here.
I can't escape parallel images of Michael Jackson roaming around a Las Vegas shopping mall and buying virtually any and everything in sight in that Martin Bashir documentary, despite the fact that he was- in Michael Jackson world- penniless.

Britt, not for my sake- because we all know that my finances are as limitless as the the oil that will fill my coffers with gold until the dawn of eternity- but for those who are not as well off, perhaps lower the standard a bit, huh?

As good a person as Britt is, there seems to be some disconnect there, and its moments like these when I look to God and thank Him for making me not only rich and famous, but free of such strange and sad delusions.


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