Thursday, July 27, 2006

something for everyone

it's thursday.
we start renovating tomorrow at my place of work (who says that?), which means i have to pack up the rest of my area by this afternoon for a move. i'll be working out of a conference room for the next two weeks.
i also have a stack of contracts to deal with. therefore, i am short on time so in brief-

i went to a screening of Brothers of the Head last night.
unique and brilliant are words that come to mind.
superficially, it's about conjoined twins who turn their disability into a hedonistic punk act.
subtextually, it's about is love, dependence, and fragility.
i want to write a full review because this doesn't begin to grapple with the beautiful intricacies of it.
additionally, i was fortunate enough to speak with the filmmakers and lead actors so hopefully i'll have time to write in greater detail tonight.

here are bits and pieces from around the web to keep you entertained until then:

LEBANON/ISRAEL: A girl in her mid-twenties blogs from within the war zone and gets people from both sides of the fence talking.

ENVIRONMENT: Tesla Motors to release high-performance electric car

  1. Lily Allen - Smile
  2. The Rifles - She's Got Standards
  3. Nightmares On Wax - Da Mess Sticks
  4. Regina Spektor - On The Radio
  5. Razorlight - In The Morning
  6. The Grates - 19-20-20
  7. Bestfwends - Second Seven Inch
  8. Jaime T. - Sheila
  9. Hot Chip - Over and Over
  10. The Pipettes - We Are The Pipettes

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