Monday, July 24, 2006

movie news

the short film YOU & I, which i was in, is getting off to a good start on the festival circuit. here is a recent letter of acceptance:

Dear Christopher, (DIRECTOR Christopher J. Scott)

I am pleased to inform you that the short film "You and I" has been
selected for screening at the new Cannes Film Festival forum The Short Film Corner.

As you may know, the forum plays during the dates May 17th to May 28th. Exact dates
and times are still to be determined.


Congratulations and we look forward to having "You and I" as a selection of this new and exciting part of the festival.


Celeste Batistr, Program Director, The Short Corner

We have also been accepted to THE NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and THE TRENTON FILM FESTIVAL so far. Big month of notifications to follow. Keep ya posted.

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