Monday, July 24, 2006

goodbye 200 e. monroe

it's official.
our house in fairfield has closed and is now someone elses.

a year ago, my mom and steve went to visit gerry, steve's mom, at her home in san diego for what was supposed to be a week.
they never left.
realizing that gerry, now 85, is no longer capable of taking care of herself, they decided to move to san diego indefinitely.

they just bought the place next door to gerry and steve has been in charge of renovations on the new home while mom has been in iowa packing up the old.

i have the greatest admiration for my parents.
three years ago, they packed up their home in santa barbara, california to move back to the community in iowa where i grew up, believing that they would finally, after six moves in as many years, not have to move again.
and now this.
but i've never heard them complain about the unforeseen challenges life has thrown them.
they are at peace with it.
they go where they're needed, and right now they're needed back in california.
rather than complain, they are spending their time making their new home every bit as cozy as their old.

they embody the reality and not just the notion that where ever you go, there you are.

anyway, i love now getting to hear about the joys of shaking things up in a right wing christian community (san diego, remember?) through the installation of buddhist statues on the front lawn.
we're such a rebellious family :P

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