Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the gays

I love the gays.
I don't understand what people have could possibly have against them.
What is there to dislike?
They are the most fun, most friendly people on the planet!
If gays ruled the world, there would be no war- just a huge, colorful party.

I could easily digress into politics here, but I won't.

What I will say is that I went to Happy Valley last night.
Their Tuesday party is quite gay and quite spectacular.
My new friend, Princess Superstar, was DJing on the main floor and it was my friend Claire's birthday. There was no better way to celebrate.

The night was hosted, in part, by the extraordinary transsexual, Amanda Lepore, and people showed up to impress: skirts made of bubble-wrap, dresses made of aprons....
The scene, the music, the people, the club soda, everything was fantastic.

Fantastic may be my most overused adjective and it doesn't quite grasp the breadth of the scenario, so at the risk of sounding forcedly original and frankly, pathetic, I'm going to make up a new word for the occasion-
It was fantabulawesome.
That's a pretty shitty word, but maybe not as bad as shitty, itself.

Seeing as I have much to attend to at work, I'm going to let the pictures below speak for themselves.

Let me just quickly say that the dress I am wearing in them was designed by one of my good friends, the very talented JB Mollett.
This dress is from his old line, Next Morning Collection (mock website).
I have never had so many people comment on an outfit before.

His new line will be out in the fall and available at Jeffrey (that's a store).

Princess Superstar on her disco throne

Me, JB, and Claire

The dress.

My porn star look.

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