Monday, July 24, 2006

call for submissions

i'm writing a piece for this and thought i should pass on the invitation to anyone else who might want to contribute.
speak up, join in.

Call for Submissions

Steal This Latte

How Hipsters, Consumer Artists, Gentrifiers, Pseudo-Anarchists, Sorority Chicks, Agit-Prop Fashionistas, Metrosexuals, Slam Poets, Bourgie Mamas, Society Girls and Starbucks Groupies Are (Not) Changing the World and Why We Must

An Anthology

Of the WTO riots of 1999 that resulted, among other broken and battered capital of corporate culture, shattered Starbucks windows, alternative journalist Kim Fellner wrote that "political ideology notwithstanding, we are avid participants in popular culture and petty capital. How could we so glibly demonize that which we so cheerfully consume?" We are, in many ways, a generation riddled with paradoxes. Generation Paradox is a universe governed by a parallel state system. MTV runs our Department of Interior. Plastic surgeons head our Department of Health and Human Services. Our Treasury is run by the Bank of Paterfamilias, and our Consumer Index is measured by the number of cups of "fair trade" coffee Starbucks burns.

How could we so glibly demonize that which we so cheerfully consume?

We despise the Bush Administration for its excessive hubris, its slavish devotion to a distorted strain of capitalism, for its lack of empathy, its bullshit wars, its exhortations to shop as a form of patriotism. And yet, this generation is composed largely of complacent, self-obsessed, self-satisfied slaves to commerce, devoid of empathy, and we shop like it's going out of style. We are people who march in anti-war protests in Union Square Park, but who could not tell you the name of Iraq's current prime minister. We are people who pepper our speech with political catchphrases and wear "political" t-shirts screaming "The Only Bush I Trust is My Own" or "My Dick would make a better V.P." while we eagerly devour the latest episode of Laguna Beach or Desperate Housewives. We are people who buy "vintage" ironic t-shirts and sip Venti lattes. We are people who live in the farthest reaches of white suburbia but who listen to gangsta rap with a desperation that belies a profound need to escape our current circumstances. We are crippled by debt and yet we are free-wheeling spenders. We are perhaps utterly irrelevant. But do we have to be?

Steal This Latte, edited by John Dicker, author of THE UNITED STATES OF WAL-MART, aims to examine this paradox. We are looking for journalistic, critical, and essayistic pieces that examine an aspect of this social dilemma. Some of the topics we'll be touching upon include:







*Gentrification/Population patterns


*So-called "agit-prop" and other accoutrements of political commentary

*Failures of political protest

*The Iraq War

We are at a moment in our history where we should be poised to make an intelligent statement-one girded by our actions-about the this country's politics, its values, the way it interacts globally, the ideals it professes and the actions it takes. But we are also mired in a time of unprecedented consumerism, advertising, fear-mongering, and mutated individualism, an individualism that is as far from Hoover's "rugged individualism" as it is possible to get. Why do we do it? How do we do it? And can we do anything about it?

Submissions accepted July 7th, 2006 through November 1st, 2006. 8,000 word limit. Double-space your manuscript in 12 point font, and fasten with a binder clip (no staples), along with an SASE if you want your materials returned. We also welcome relevant artwork or documentary photography. Please do not send original artwork-it cannot be returned! Send all submissions to:

Ashley W. Benites

4116 Queen Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55410


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